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Song: Cast A Wider Net – “Find your new way”

Liner notes

Man, this title (which was given to me as part of Circle of Titles, third iteration) took quite a while to make something from. Eventually I ended up settling on a song about people who have trouble fitting in with the crowd. The lyrics didn't develop quite like I wanted them to, but that's life.

Musically, the writing was strongly driven by the chorus. The bridge was almost an afterthought. It was originally supposed to build up in an epic "echo the line a whole bunch of times" kind of thing, but the initial stab at putting it to melody and words didn't work out at all, and the build-up approach didn't gel with the new one. So I put some xaphoon in there instead. Xaphoon is always a good alternative.

Recording the vocals took by far the most time (several months of trying to catch a good moment and getting my vocal technique to work half-decently). Finally, today I managed to hit "good enough". Added a few bells and whistles after that, and here we are.


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Written on2013-04-13
Recorded on2013-08-12
Published on2013-08-12
ScheduleOne month
Quality levelExtended demo
My rating****
Average user ratings


Ain't it weird How everyone knows How everything goes away I'd scratch my beard Don't know where to look There might be a book some day My shelf is full from the times When I thought that the rhymes If they're perfect that's where I must go Then one after one every halo expired By now I feel tired and slow How can I possibly grow They say I'll cast a wider net They speak of all the things I'll get Worlds must collide before minds will unite Presentation You catch more flies with honey than with specialization This common dimension just melting all tension away They say I will find it some day Step by step The cliché ain't new But what can you do in the now I've stayed on the map Maybe that's what was wrong Always had to belong here somehow There are so many things to keep in mind If only there was a way to leave nothing behind They say one little thought makes me see And everything's different to me Sometimes it's small For want of a nail The king finds the holy grail And after all Walk through just one door The ceiling's not there anymore They said I'll cast a wider net I know I won't soon forget Thoughts were too slow, what it's now I don't know Aggregation Trying was no substitute for experimentation This deeper dimension just melting all tension away I could do this every day Because I'll cast a wider net I know for sure that I won't forget And thoughts may be slow, it's in what I don't know Every hour Who would have thought that living is a superpower This subtle dimension just melting all tension away [Until I'm old and grey]

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