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Song: Dead Matter – “Cruel separation of two individuals”

Liner notes

This one grew out of what is now the first run of the chorus ("that look in her eyes") and somewhere along the way the weird twist made its way into it. The song has been described as minstrel-y, which I consider a compliment. And of course it has a vocoded part in it, so it has to be good, right?


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Written on2010-07-12
Recorded on2010-07-12
Published on2010-07-12
Quality levelDraft
My rating****
Average user ratings


It was just a chance meeting, two souls that connected They met every day and they stayed undetected They knew that so long as they weren't suspected Their lives would be better as one But one day they caught him not hiding his smile They found her and suddenly they were on trial It was all very quick in the usual style He was screaming: I am her son But the law didn't care and they took him to cries of the mother that he'd never had And I saw her back there with that look in her eyes that I'm sure I won't ever forget If there is a reason why love should be treason I'm not sure that I see it yet With the little one gone she started to change Turned dull and turned leaden, most thought it was strange They said that she should have been undeterred They wouldn't have thought that if they had heard What I'd heard They'd see her for real, see beyond just her shell and they'd realize that they were wrong They'd see she can feel, that they've sent her to hell and that others have been there so long But of course they are sure that I'm just obscure, secure that their logic is strong: A human's dead matter You ought to know better And as for the reason it's flailing A cell that's gone sour It'll take just an hour And we'll have the human back sailing Now don't worry about the poor robot kid We'll just plug him back into the schooling grid He'll be well-connected, Great Idle forbid That we can't take care of him better than that human did

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