music? j/k: Music by Jan Krueger

Song: Elegy For Industry – “Post-apocalyptic life can be great!”

Liner notes

I tried to keep the number of vocal tracks lower than usual, and I mostly succeeded. No more than four at any point!

Adding the jew's harp was a spur of the moment thing.


Elegy For Industry (right click → save as)
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Written on2009-01-12
Recorded on2009-01-12
Published on2009-01-12
ScheduleSong Fight!
Quality levelExtended demo
My rating***


They're selling their last goods, shops are closing down Suburbs turn back into woods, no factory left in town Precious lifestyle that you had, it's unsustainable Luxury, a foreign word, your dreams not doing well I don't care, I'm feeling great, my life is still complete There's no plastic left to buy but I've got all I need The elegy for industry, they're writing it today What does it matter, all is well, 'cause music is here to stay Despair is all around, they're drowning it in ale Everything goes down the drain but music will prevail And if they notice me and see that I am free I'll gladly share, they'll be amazed how happy they can be Here's to hoping they will come and let themselves relax Be creative, do their own things, live life to the max The elegy for industry won't get another glance Perhaps now we can start anew and use this second chance

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