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Song: Jump In My Car – “Catch a ride, no catch!”

Liner notes

I got this title as part of yet another round of Circle of Titles (over at Song Fight), and I didn't really like it. I suppose part of that is that there two other somewhat well-known songs with the same title that I don't really care for... plus it's not always easy to make a second song to the same title.

So, I ended up not taking this all that seriously. I did try to set a certain mood in the lyrics that conflicts with the upbeatness, but in such a way that it only makes itself known if you pay attention, I suppose. And, well, making a happy type of tune for a semi-serious topic is a classic whenever I don't really have anything honest to say.
I would like to know whether anyone thought this song was creepy, though. It isn't really, but it can become so depending on how you listen to it...

The song is a bit more disjointed than I would have liked, but on the other hand I'd have had to add transitional sections to combat that and that would have made the song longer than I think it can sustain itself. So, we'll just have to cope, won't we?

This song features my first use of my electric bass in one of my songs. It also features a fancy piano VSTi and a fancy electric organ VSTi. And me doing... stuff... with my voice...

I'm about half a week late to Circle of Titles, by the way, because I discovered a catastrophic failure of sanity in the bedplate of my house, and that needed a lot of work put into fixing. Thank you, previous owner!


Jump In My Car (right click → save as)
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Written on2014-06-15
Recorded on2014-06-22
Published on2014-06-22
ScheduleA fortnight
Quality levelExtended demo
My rating****


Hey kid, what you doin' here All off the beaten track and no one's near There's no need to be alone I'll be glad to take you home right now Jump in my car Jump in my car No need to walk or stay right where you are Jump in my car Jump in my car Sit in my car, that way it's not as far I need some music late at night to stay awake Why don't you turn on the radio, I'm up for anything Oh, really, you like hard rock? So do I I think there is some beer left in that box there on the floor It's fairly strong, but that's the way I like it... take some more Don't worry, I won't tell a soul When I drop you off in a moment now Jump in my car Jump in my car Just sit back and relax, it's not far Jump in my car Jump in my car I'll be right back, just stay right where you are I just have to get a few things It will take just a minute Just a little detour Not a problem, I'm sure Aren't you glad You jumped in my car What a ride it was, now here we are Everything went according to plan Don't you agree we'll have to do this again

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