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Song: Ocean of Love – “A cynical view on interaction”

Liner notes

There was a bit of a rush with this one as I was busy with medical issues and didn't have a lot of time to spend on actually recording things as a result.

This song exemplifies a common attitude I've come across regarding people who seem to be living their life through their phones and the internet. There's this idea that using social media and such cheapens the experience of interacting with others. To some extent I agree, but as we all know, the way of the world is that things change and everyone adapts, and beauty can be found no matter the conditions.

The last line is a nod to this, in a way: dating is just as easily artificial as carefully constructed profiles on a dating website.


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Written on2017-04-18
Recorded on2017-04-24
Published on2017-05-06
ScheduleSong Fight!
Quality levelExtended demo
My rating****


I'm so alone, there's no one I know Too afraid to go out, all I've got is my phone So many people at my fingertips An ocean of love is all I see An ocean of love but not for me All those fake profiles that stalk you There's no one I can talk to In this ocean of love I can poke and swipe and message and stream Tiny units that are just what they seem Carefully selected, true story protected An ocean of love is all I see An ocean of love but not for me All those pictures of hearts and Those cute little headlines and It seems like people's lives consist of only food and cats An ocean of love An ocean of love Finally dared to go out, there was none one there All I saw was phones using people for chairs Spreading the love, building networks above An ocean of love so fleeting to me An ocean of love only phrases I see All those robots that share their Obsessions with software In this ocean of love I weep for the days when dating was authentic So authentic

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