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Song: Sorry To Inform You – “Stop controlling my life!”

Liner notes

This song is basically teenage-style rebellion in a nice, compact form. My main goal while writing it was to see whether I could come up with somewhat unusual chord progressions made from standard chords. There isn't really anything else that's special about it.


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Written on2009-04-27
Recorded on2009-04-27
Published on2009-04-27
ScheduleSong Fight!
Quality levelDraft
My rating***


Dear world around me, dear people I've met I realize what I have done has made you quite upset I have considered carefully your position on the board Unfortunately your demands will have to be ignored I'm sorry to inform you that I won't live for you Compliance and servility -- I'm sorry, no can do My life's my own, my goals are mine, who are you to complain Get your fingers out of my brain Dear media, dear politics, dear economy, go hang I will clear my own path, even if it takes all year Go take your scientists and the rest of the gang I don't need your help if all I'll get is a career I'm willing to believe that you only want my best But I don't think you know what that is You're making all those shaky plans, I'm not really impressed I'm living for the point that you miss I'm sorry to inform you that I won't be pushed away Won't accept floating anxiety you work for every day My life's my own my goals are mine, who are you to disdain Get your fingers out of my brain (Sincerely, a concerned citizen)

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