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Song: Sorry To Inform You (Naked Philosophy Cover) – “I don't feel at home”

Liner notes

This song is a cover version; original song, artist's page

As part of a coverfight over at, I was assigned Naked Philosophy as my "victim". Even before the assignment I knew that I wanted to do this kind of style, and it worked out wonderfully for a fairly straight rock song.


Sorry To Inform You (Naked Philosophy Cover) (right click → save as)
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Written on
Recorded on2010-10-26
Published on2010-11-15
ScheduleOne month
Quality levelExtended demo
My rating****


Dear sir, We are sorry to inform you that your application for citizenship has been denied The country's too big and the world is to small How do you find your place? The same way we've always done Effecting a change of space 'Cos I'm secretly a Mexican And it's time for me to go Back to where I came from A place I can't call home The wallet's too small for a place this big On the other side of the border Same thing we've always done Setting up a new order 'Cos I'm secretly American It's time for me to go Back to where I came from A place I can't call home You have 60 days to leave the country or face criminal prosecution and/or deportation For work For play For swift governmental change I gotta go I gotta go... right now! (We are sorry to inform you) 'Cos I'm secretly Canadian And it's time for me to go Back to where I came from A place I can't call home If you have any questions, please contact the Immigration and Naturalization Service or your nearest consulate office

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