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Song: Better Late Than Never – “Now's the best time”

Liner notes

During FAWM 2015, while talking to people in the FAWM chat, I spontaneously decided to give FAWM a go even though half of the time had already passed. The title followed almost automatically from that. While technically this might be considered a FAWM-themed song, I deliberately wrote it such that it's more universal than that.

In case you've been giving up on something because you think it's too late anyway, I say: screw that. It's never too late. If you're 95 chances are you won't be able to become a sports star, but anything that is within the realm of the physically possible, go for it! You can only get better than you are right now, and you don't have to become a recognized master in a field in order to create something cool.


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Written on2015-02-15
Recorded on2015-02-15
Published on2015-02-15
ScheduleTwo hours
Quality levelExtended demo
My rating*****
Part of


Two weeks in, two weeks out Late to the game, there's no doubt Will I ever catch up, don't know Be in time to join the show Better late than never, don't wait forever Better late than never, don't wait forever Gotta find a running start There's still time to catch up Even if I don't win I'll take heart I'm not in this game for the cup Better late than never, don't wait forever Step by step to victory, or just a place that works for me For me

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