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A little bit of everything

I experiment a lot when writing, so I've visited quite a few genres/styles. Here's a condensed collection of wildly different songs, not all of them necessarily awesome.

Title Length Rating
Better Late Than Never
In short: “Now's the best time”
Keywords: swing-y, short, positive
Published: 2015-02-15
1:41 *****
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Harsh Light Of Day
In short: “Carpe noctem”
Keywords: ballady, piano, double life
Published: 2014-07-28
3:22 ****
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Be Careful With That (with Signboy as Krautnuck)
In short: “You'd better relax, man”
Keywords: electronic, collab
Published: 2012-06-02
4:08 *****
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In short: “My death wish kills you”
Keywords: almost a cappella, fun percussion, kazoo, dark
Published: 2010-07-08
1:45 ***
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Days Away
In short: “With the best of intentions”
Keywords: better world, dictatorship, full band, time signature weirdness
Published: 2010-03-31
3:08 *****
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Dry Spell
In short: “Staying alive at all costs”
Keywords: almost a cappella, epic story, fun chords, horrible triumph
Published: 2009-07-30
3:17 *****
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Green Eleven
In short: “Coping with life through fantasy”
Keywords: escapist, folksy, imagination, tempo change
Published: 2009-03-03
2:20 *****
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City In Fog
In short: “Don't give up yet!”
Keywords: motivational, reverby, synthy, vocals galore
Published: 2008-11-24
3:06 *****
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Stomach For It
In short: “Everything sucks, as do I”
Keywords: clinical depression, full band, loud, synthy
Published: 2008-11-05
2:46 ***
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