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Song: Harsh Light Of Day – “Carpe noctem”

Liner notes

Another Song Fight title that I really liked. I've done the whole "hidden plan" thing before, but now it's the good old "I'll make it big and surprise everyone", except it doesn't seem likely to actually happen in this take.

The number of piano retakes is slowly decreasing, so perhaps I'm actually getting better... and the vocals seem to be getting somewhere, too. So, that's good, I guess?

The song didn't get a lot of votes over at Song Fight, but the reviews were okay, save for someone who thought it was too slow and boring, and some other folks complaining about the absence of autotune (which I am completely against, even if my vocals takes certainly aren't perfect). Whatever, I like it, and it's been nice to actually spend a few hours on making music again. Gotta do some more once the home isn't eating up all my spare time anymore. Wish me luck...


Harsh Light Of Day (right click → save as)
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Written on2014-07-25
Recorded on2014-07-27
Published on2014-07-28
ScheduleSong Fight!
Quality levelExtended demo
My rating****
Part of


You're so unremarkable, it's a work of art Everybody likes you, nobody remembers you In any situation you play the perfect part Saying nothing of importance, no soul that's shining through Until the harsh light of day fades away The harsh light of day fades away Later you discovered how to be an everyman Universal wants and cares and nobody suspects Who is living in the darkness, they don't know your plan What they see is average Joe who nobody rejects And then the harsh light of day fades away The harsh light of day fades away And it takes with it everything you couldn't say The big achievements on your list that nobody must know If they knew they'd laugh at you, but you can't let it go So you stay up late at night, protected by the lack of light And you build things only you can see and you won't stop until you drop Hiding from the harsh light of the day That's your time to work and pave your way It's a little sad, I think, that you don't want to show The things you make no one will ever know

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