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Almost a cappella songs that I want to arbitrarily highlight anyway

These ones are not quite a cappella, but almost. They have things like percussion, bass guitar, subtle guitar in the background, etc.

Title Length Rating
In short: “My death wish kills you”
Keywords: almost a cappella, fun percussion, kazoo, dark
Published: 2010-07-08
1:45 ***
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Dry Spell
In short: “Staying alive at all costs”
Keywords: almost a cappella, epic story, fun chords, horrible triumph
Published: 2009-07-30
3:17 *****
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Back From Juvie
In short: “Can't return to normal life”
Keywords: almost a cappella, pachelbel, rehabilitation, vaguely depressing
Published: 2009-03-26
2:18 ****
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Take Your Time
In short: “In a hurry? Calm down!”
Keywords: almost a cappella, oxymoronic, theme song
Published: 2008-04-20
2:01 ***
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